DCC Grants for Local Groups

Are you a member of a local group, or do you want to set up a group, which would like to use the Community Centre for your activities but cannot afford the Hire Charges? The DCC may be able to help you.

The DCC is a charity and, as well as running the Community Centre, aims to support other local charitable organisations, especially those that promote community involvement and activities

Who can apply for these grants?

  • Groups must be based in Duxford
  • They must be voluntary, i.e. those running the group must not receive any payment or salary for the activity
  • The activity must be open to all residents of Duxford who are interested in taking part (there may be age or gender restrictions in some cases)
  • The group must be a member of the DCC
  • (membership is free and allows the group to take part in decision-making)

How do I apply for a Grant?

Email the DCC at duxfordcommunitycentreCB22@gmail.com and let us know the following details:

  • Your group name
  • An introduction to your group including your aims, key achievements to date, any support from other bodies
  • How much money you are applying for (full or partial cost of room hire, including which room you wish to hire)
  • A clear description of the project or activities you are planning
  • Any charges you will be making and what they will include
  • Why the project is important and how it will benefit its users
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