We at Duxford Community Centre are aware that numbers of Covid-19 cases continue to rise in our area and for this reason we would urge you to remain cautious and mindful of the safety of others while using our building.

We are keeping stringent safety plans in place and encourage you to do your best to work alongside us in keeping everything as safe as possible. On arrival we ask you to continue using hand sanitising gel and to wear a mask/face covering when moving around the building, sticking to our one-way systems for entry to the cafe and the halls to ensure social distancing. If you are attending a meeting in one of our halls, we expect the capacity of each room to increase, but ask all the hirers to continue to ensure the best social distancing they can manage and really good ventilation, which is now known to lower the risk of transmission.

If you are visiting Café 19 please maintain social distancing and keep wearing a mask/ face covering until seated. You can remove your mask/face covering once seated. Our tables in Café 19 are arranged to allow social distancing, fortunately we have lots of room!  There will still be tables available outside.

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